DIY Lampshades

8 Mar

I had a set of lamps at my house that I never used. They were both in decent condition, but just looked a bit generic. I re-covered them both, in very different ways. Both were very easy, very inexpensive, and relatively quick.

I re-covered the first lampshade using ribbon I found on clearance at my local craft store. I measured out the length of ribbon I would need to cover the shade from top to bottom, including a small allowance at each end for gluing, then cut about a billion ribbon pieces to that length. I hot-glued the ribbon to the bottom interior of the shade first, then to the top. I continued that process around the entire lampshade, and ended up with and adorable “new” lamp for my baby girl’s nursery!

The second lampshade was made using torn up pages out of an old book, ink, and decoupage. I ripped the pages, crumpled them up, then distressed them using several colors of ink from stamp pads. I used mostly brown ink, with a little bit of black and gold. Once the paper was prepared, I started working on the shade. I did the top edge first, then the bottom edge. Once they were dry I filled in the rest.  I applied the decoupage directly to the lampshade, put the paper down, then put another layer of decoupage on top of the paper.  Presto. New lamp.

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