Death Star Pinata, DIY

31 Mar

Ever need that perfect piñata (like a super awesome Death Star) and can’t find it anywhere? Why not make your own? I’ve got step-by-step instructions for you, as long as your perfect piñata comes in the shape of a balloon.

First, get a balloon.

Now blow it up to the desired piñata size. (This is tough stuff.)

Grab your handy dandy Mod Podge and some paper. I used tissue paper. Newspaper would work as well. Don’t worry about the color, ’cause you’re just gonna paint it anyway.

Working with fairly small pieces (3×3 inches works well), paint on your Mod Podge, put your paper down, and slap on some more Mod Podge.

Cover the whole balloon, except for a small opening at the top. You’ll want the opening to be big enough for your hand to fit in. Hang it up to dry. I clipped a tiny hole in the mouthpiece (mouthpiece???) of the balloon and slid it over a knitting needle, then wedged that in between two storage boxes. Use what ya got.

(Don’t get jealous of my Storm Trooper masks. Or do. They’re pretty cool.)

Now do it all again. Mod Podge, paper, hang, dry.


Painting time! If you’re making a Death Star, I would recommend gray. If not, well, I don’t know why you would NOT want to make a Death Star! But seriously, choose whatever color you want. I used acrylic craft paint.

And again, hang and dry.

Next time I do this, I’ll paint all the details at this point. I didn’t do all the extras until the balloon was popped, and it was very difficult.

When it’s dry, pop the balloon. It might stick a little, and you’ll have to help it along. Don’t flip out if the piñata starts to collapse along with the balloon. Just stick your hand in and re-shape it.

The next few steps cover how to hang the piñata.

Get an old milk jug and cut a circle out of it. Mine was about 3 inches in diameter. The bigger and heavier the piñata, the bigger you’ll want the circle. Poke two holes in it for string.

Put the string through the holes.

Cut a little slit in the top of the piñata.

Now slide the plastic disk and all the string into the piñata.

Now we gotta get the string out of the inside of the piñata and up through that tiny slit. I happened to have some thin wire sitting around. Fishing line would work just as well. For the sake of describing this, I’ll pretend you have wire. Mostly because wire is easier to write than fishing line.

Make a loop with the wire, kink it on the end, and poke it through the slit.

Reach into the piñata and thread the string through the wire.

Pull the wire (and strings) up through the slit.

Poof! The string is through the slit.

Here’s the fun part. Fill ‘er up.

Make sure you sample everything to make sure it’s not poisoned. (Do NOT skip this part. It’s very important. Very.)

Now to cover that pesky hole.

Mod Podge. Paper. Mod Podge. Dry.

Paint. Dry.

This is the point where I did my final painting. It’s not pretty. But it’s full of candy.

Death Star, destroyed!

Fun to make. Fun to break. Good times.

One Response to “Death Star Pinata, DIY”

  1. Tony Fett March 31, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    i will be saving this page until i have a kid and he has a bday lol

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