Things That Make Me Happy

10 Apr

I am linking up with Seven Cherubs to do the Happiness Project!

For one month I will take a little time out of each day to think of something that makes me happy. Hopefully reading about my blessings will be a blessing to you.

1. My children’s health. They have their little issues: allergies, asthma, the occasional ear infection or cold; but overall they are very healthy, and that makes me happy.

2. Sunshine and the promise of summer.

3. Friends that I don’t have to fake anything for, that can come over to my dirty house and just hang out.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. This song says it best:

I’m happy today,
I’m happy today,
In Jesus Christ
I’m happy today,
For He has taken all my sins away,
And that’s why I’m happy today.

6. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and the kids, and works hard to provide for us.

7. Paint, glue, scissors, paper.

8. *TMI warning* Today I am happy that I put scented lotion on my hands before church, because the 16 year old boy sitting with us was NOT helping the area in the smell department. (Seriously, I don’t know WHAT he ate!!!) While the hubs struggled to hold his breath, I just put my hand up by my nose. Nice and fresh.

9. Watching my kids play makes me happy.

10. Google.

11. FaceTime makes me happy. My girl is potty training and just got to show Daddy that she’s wearing big girl undies.

12. My kids make me happy. They adore each other and I adore them.

I snuck a picture of them snuggling on the couch.


13. Lactaid makes me happy. It may seem silly, but I’ve got a chocolate-milk-drinking, pizza-loving little boy who was recently diagnosed as being lactose intolerant, and it lets him eat the things he loves.

14. Today I’m happy to have a dishwasher. I would seriously only use disposable dishes if I didn’t have one.

16. Seeing people on horseback makes me happy.

17. I’m happy when I’m in a tiny town and see old men in big farm trucks.

18. It makes me happy when people are polite and hold doors or give up their seat for someone.

19. Those rare days when both my kids go down for naps at the same time with no drama…makes one happy Momma. *this is not one of those days*

20. A nice juicy cheeseburger = happiness.

21. Looking across the table seeing my husband and son side by side wearing their matching ball caps, and my little girl snuggling in her Daddy’s lap makes me happy beyond belief.

22. Holding my sweet baby nephew makes me happy. Even when he’s crying.

23. Kids running through the sprinkler.

24. Sleeping in.

25. Picnics at the park.

26. It makes me so unbelievably happy to look at the weather report and see hot sunny days all week!!!

27. People who would rather be themselves than be cool or try to look perfect make me happy. And I bet they’re happy, too.

28. Thinking about going for a long run makes me grumpy, but actually doing it makes me very happy. Runner’s high is a real thing, people.

29. Finding stuff I need on clearance.

30. Warm socks.

31. Bedtime.


3 Responses to “Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. felicity May 13, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    It surprises me how much I can relate to the things on other peoples lists and how enjoyable it is to read them!! So many things I agree on…..sleeping in, dishwashers, watching my kids play, finding things on clearance, picnics in the park……love them all! Great list!

    ps) I laughed about the boy in church….how funny!!

  2. naomi ellis May 13, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Great list! I love the picture of your cherubs hugging – it to makes all the hard work worthwhile when you seeing them sharing love together. I love that a nice juicy cheeseburger made you happy for the day and your cherubs at church – can so relate 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in and linking up. Naomi x

  3. Kellie @ ThreeLi' May 14, 2011 at 5:55 am #

    I so enjoyed reading your list.
    That is such a precious moment to capture in a photo too. Just wonderful. Definitely something to be happy about.
    Loving the mention of hot chocolate and food. Arrrgggghhhhh….. 😉

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