13 May

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to go to more flea markets and buy stuff.

And it’s a resolution I’m keeping.

My most recent purchase was some awesome old silverware. I got the idea to spell out the word ‘Eat’ and hang it on the wall.

I bought a 16×24 unfinished frame, neutral fabric and foam board, and got to work.

First I laid the silverware out to figure out the best placement. I took a picture for reference, which I was VERY thankful for when I started gluing.

I painted the frame black then sanded the edges and distressed a few other areas.

I watered down the paint so it went on more like a stain, and did several layers. I like this technique when I’m going to distress the wood, because thicker paint takes longer to dry and gets all gummy when I sand it.

And after distressing:

For the background of the picture I used foam board covered in cloth.
The board was super easy to cut to size with an Xacto knife.

My cloth had creases in it from being folded and just looked too nice and clean. I thought it was a good choice when I was in the store, but now, not so much. Thank goodness for the backside of the fabric! I got the cloth wet, crumpled it up, and threw it in the dryer. It came out all wrinkly and pretty.

I put spray adhesive on the foam board and laid the fabric out, but even with the wrong side facing out, it still looked too nice. I grabbed my trusty brown ink pad and dirtied it up.

{If you like stuff that looks old and dirty}

I hot glued the fabric covered foam board into the frame, then hot glued the silverware on.

I love my hot glue gun.

After a little measuring, leveling, and hammering, the finished piece was on my wall.

Look how beautifully ugly this stuff is.



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