At The Hub with the Hubs

14 May

I had a wonderful little impromptu date with Thad today. We had a few kid-free minutes to kill, and ran over to a local coffee shop.

I’m not really a coffee person, but I love a good mocha. The one I got was yummy and super cute.

The shop as a whole was pretty stinkin’ cute. The menu was a big metal board with what looked like magnetic letters spelling out the items. It would be so easy to take kid’s letters and spray paint them a neutral color to make something like this for your home.

The decor was bicycle themed, to go along with the attached cycle shop.

The best part was the company.

Here’s a challenge for you:
Carve out a few minutes this week to spend some quality time with someone. It can be your husband, mom, friend, long-lost-brother, or next door neighbor.
Who will your ‘date’ be with?


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