Luckiest Girl in the World

27 Jul

Do you have anyone in your life that spoils you rotten?
I have two someones.
Thad is the first.
Ollie is the other one.
He has learned from his Daddy to be sweet and kind…
And to do all kinds of nice things for me.
So I wasn’t too surprised when Ollie brought breakfast to me this morning.


He was so proud.
He laid it out on the counter so I could take a picture of it.
I guess he’s seen me do that a few times?


Then he opened his arms wide for a big hug.


It was at this point that he told me the food wasn’t real and I didn’t really have to eat it.

I know that kids making play food for their parents is nothing new. I have actually been served three more meals while writing this post.
What I love is the look of total adoration that I see on Ollie’s face from time to time. I hope both my kids see that same look on my face and KNOW how much I love them.


One Response to “Luckiest Girl in the World”

  1. Ashley MacKinney July 27, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    I thought for a second that he really made you some breakfast and was wondering what kind of bread you buy. It looked really plastic-y.

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