It’s Not Too Late For Resolutions…Is It?

14 Jan

I know it’s the middle of January, and the right time to do a resolution post is long gone, but I’m doing one anyway.
Here goes…
Resolutions 2012

Replace cleaning supplies w/ natural products.
Check! Already done. Sort of. I bought new stuff (and I’ve even used some of it!) but I still need to purge my old supplies.
The reason behind this is that Ollie and I both have asthma and all those chemicals really mess us up. I like to use that as an excuse to not clean my house, but it doesn’t always fly. Unfortunately.


Exercise 2x a week. I’m so hardcore.
Doing it. I know twice a week doesn’t sound like much. I also know if I set my sights higher I would just not do it. I’ve been doing a prenatal weights and cardio video, prenatal yoga, and when the weather cooperates I try to get out and walk or hike.


Make my kids do everyday household chores w/ me.
I read a great article on kids’ play and how in so many cultures it’s centered around working alongside the parents or incorporating it into doing something useful for the family. Play and work become (almost) synonymous.

Ollie folded all the washcloths for me and is so proud of his work!

Sleep in at least once before the baby is born. Meaning until noon at the earliest. I will need someone to keep my kids overnight in order to accomplish this.
This one’s a little embarrassing, but when I told people about it, my mom, my best friend, and her mom all started discussing ways to make it happen for me. Wow. I am NOT that nice. But it made me feel loved. The funny thing is, a few days later my mom asked what day I wanted her to keep the kids overnight. I said we could do it in a few months, and she told me she thought it was something I wanted to do EVERY WEEK! And she was willing to do it!!! Again, WOW.

Blog at least three times a month.
It doesn’t seem like much, but I only blogged ONCE last month. That’s lame.

Refinish a piece of furniture.
I have no idea how to do this, what I want to refinish, or when I’ll find time.

Fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again.
I’ll have seven months after the baby is born. I fit into my regular clothes, uh, never after Ollie was born, and six months after Anabel was born. Hopefully the working out twice a week will help out with this one.

Make a quilt.
Again, I have no idea how to do this. I’m counting on Pinterest to teach me how.

Drink soda every time I’m around my side of the family.
Just to be mean. đŸ™‚

There you have it.
I would love to hear what goals and resolutions you’ve made for the year.

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