Inspiration – Bedrooms

19 Jan

Maggie of Gussy Sews has been hosting an inspiration workshop for some time now. I participated regularly when it first started, but then slacked off… Well, I’m back. The workshop is now once a month, which I think I’ll be able to handle a little better than once a week. This week the prompt is Bedrooms. Since we’re planning on building a house VERY soon, I feel like this is something that will be good for me to do.

So here goes.

I love the floors and the open, airy feel to this room.

I love this headboard and it’s made locally out of reclaimed barn wood, which I think is pretty stinkin’ cool.

I love this “Love”  art I found on Etsy… unfortunately it already sold.

Another headboard I love, from West Elm.

Love, love, love. That’s apparently the only word I use to describe things.

I’m seriously excited about a few things when we build.

1. Getting a king size bed. I’m married to a big dude. And I need my space.

2. Having an even BIGGER closet! Who doesn’t want that?

3. A giant window/sliding glass door looking out onto the backyard.

And that’s that.



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