Stupid Things I’ve Done Today

26 Mar

Being pregnant brings a whole host of issues, the most entertaining being “Mush Brain.”

This is a real thing. In the third trimester your brain shrinks by up to eight percent.

I regularly do and say stupid things, but I was on a roll today.

I figure I might as well embrace the new and not improved me, and share the fun. Here are a couple examples.

It started this morning in the car. Ollie says, “Glass and crack rhyme.” I explained that they had the same vowel sound, but to rhyme they have to have the same ending sound. I told him, “Crack and back rhyme because they end with ‘ack’ and glass and class rhyme because they end with…” Thankfully I caught myself and changed the subject, and the kids weren’t in a “repeat everything Mommy says over and over” mood.

Later today there was a knock on my door. It was someone from the police department. They explained that my neighbor had just applied for a job and they were asking people nearby what their impression of him was. My first thought was that we’ve had a deadbeat felon living next door for four years and didn’t have a clue. I couldn’t figure out any other reason the police would be checking up on a guy who finally decided to get a job. It wasn’t until the police officer was walking away that I realized that our neighbor had actually applied for a job AT the police station. I hope I didn’t ruin the poor guy’s chances of getting a job…


2 Responses to “Stupid Things I’ve Done Today”


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