How to Make a Quilt : Part 4 : It’s Done!

15 Jun

It’s done! It’s done!!! I finally finished Anabel’s quilt three weeks ago, when I was 40 weeks pregnant and looking for ANYTHING I could do to get my mind off of the fact that I still didn’t have a baby to hold.

I’ve gotta be honest, when I finished the top of the quilt I was SO discouraged and decided I would never make another quilt again. I felt like I had been working forever and still had a ton of work to do. The fact that I was once again entering an unknown phase of quilting didn’t help either. I didn’t even know where to buy batting, much less what to do with it once I got it. My friend Rachel (who somehow knows how to do everything) was a big help, and so was her mom.

I had originally planned to use some thin teal corduroy for the back of the quilt (the same material as the front), but realized that my calculations were way off (no big surprise there) and I didn’t have nearly enough material. I ended up buying a flat sheet for the backing, and like the way it turned out.


I spread the sheet out on the floor, put the batting over it (you can buy it at Hobby Lobby, FYI), and spread the top of the quilt over that. I did this on a carpeted floor, which was a minor problem… More on that later.


See my gigantor belly hanging over? How could you miss it???

I spread the fabric out and made sure there were no wrinkles anywhere, and started pinning the three layers together. After putting the first pin in I realized that I had pinned the whole thing to the carpet. Thankfully I caught that early, and not after pinning the whole quilt! It would have been smarter to spread the quilt on the hard floor, tape it down at all four corners, and pin it like that. Live and learn.


After going through about a hundred safety pins, it was time to sew! I just sewed straight lines across the fabric. No fancy quilting for me.


I was really nervous about this part, because it takes a whole lotta material to make a quilt (even a twin sized quilt) and I have a teensy sewing machine. I decided to roll the quilt from each side, like a scroll, so it would be easier to manage, and it worked great.


Once I got about halfway through, the finished section barely fit through the opening in my machine (is there a technical term for that area???) so I flipped the whole quilt around and started working from the opposite direction.


Finishing the quilting process was an awesome feeling! I trimmed all the edges so they were nice and straight and started on the binding. I’m sure binding would be easy to make (It’s just fabric cut in long skinny strips) but I bought mine. I looked up a tutorial on how to join binding strips to make one long strip to go all the way around the quilt, and I started sewing again.


It’s done!!! Please ignore my puffy I’m-super-giant-pregnant face. Also ignore the fact that I really can’t sew in a straight line. It adds character.


Here’s the finished quilt on Anabel’s bed. It will be even cuter on her new (actually old, but new to us) white Jenny Lind bed, but it’s currently in the attic.


I said I was ready to quit after finishing the top, and never wanted to make another quilt again, but the batting/backing/pinning/quilting part went so quickly and was so rewarding that I’ve already got a few more quilts planned.

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5 Responses to “How to Make a Quilt : Part 4 : It’s Done!”

  1. (@DianaParDue) June 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    So cute!! You make me want to make one but I think now is not the time…….hehe

  2. Alysia June 17, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    I love love love it!!!! I’m so impressed and inspired =D


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