Funny Business

27 Jul

My kids are always cracking me up, and this morning was no exception. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ve likely already read this first one.

I’ve been singing a song called “Have Patience” with the kids. Anabel just got upset w/ Ollie and told him he has to be half patient!

A few minutes later I heard Ollie telling Anabel he’s crabby because he didn’t get good sleep. He says:
“I had to get up and PEE, then I had to scratch my nose. I had a nightmare, and THAT woke me up, so… I just didn’t get any good sleep.”

I was in the front seat of the car, cracking up at what Ollie had said, and he asked what I was laughing about. I told him, “Oh, nothing. You’re just adorable.”
He sighed and said, “Ug, I’ve heard THAT one before!”

This all happened within a five minute span. And it happens pretty much all day, every day. There are times that I tune out my kids when they’re chatting in the back seat, but when I stop and listen I’m almost always rewarded.


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