Why I Wear Sunglasses on the Playground (and other teacher secrets)

14 Aug


School is starting this week (but not for us – our homeschool year won’t start until September) and I figured I’d celebrate by spilling some teacher secrets.

The following are from me and a few other teachers who shall remain nameless.

I always wear sunglasses on the playground. That way no one knows if I’m watching them or not. Kids will often look to see if you’re paying attention before they break the rules. The sunglasses keep them guessing.

I keep slippers under my desk and wear them around the classroom. Real shoes are only for the hallway.

We have favorites. It’s impossible not to.

Our favorites change many many times over the course of a year, and are probably not who you would expect them to be.

We do Zumba in the band room after school.

There are days that are so rough, I burst into tears as soon as the students are gone.

There are students I haven’t seen in years and I still worry about them.

I’d rather have a ‘difficult’ student than one with a difficult parent.

We pour over our class list with anticipation of which students we get… but have just as much anticipation over which parents we’ll get.

A supportive and involved parent is worth her (or his) weight in gold.

We occasionally run in the halls. And race each other.

There will be someone working in their classroom at all hours of the day. Some teachers work after school, some come back when their kids go to bed, and others are up at 3 in the morning. Most people have no clue of the amount hours that are spent preparing.

I work all summer and use the extra money to buy things for my classroom.

Seeing a student who has been struggling and finally “gets it” makes my day.

If the coffee pot breaks, no learning will happen.

We hate standardized testing as much as the parents and students do.

When I send notes to other teachers they break down like this:
60% are something funny a student just did.
30% are professional business.
7% are chocolate wrapped in paper for someone having a rough day.
3% say “This kid desperately needed an important job to do. Thanks for putting up with us.”

Any teachers out there have anything to add to this?

I hope everyone has a great year! I’m so excited to teach again, even if it’s one kid in my own home.


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