Invented Spelling

18 Aug

Have you heard of invented spelling? It’s basically just writing down the sounds you hear when you say a word, without worrying about the “right” way to spell the word.

While I wouldn’t recommend this strategy for adults, it’s great for kids.
(Actually, I do recommend this for adults. I’m a terrible speller and write things any which way and *hope* I get it close enough that spell check recognizes it.)

It IS important to learn to spell correctly, but I don’t want my kids’ creativity squelched because they’re too concerned with perfection when writing.

Ollie wanted to write a story a few days ago and started asking me how to spell different words. I was planning to “teach” him invented spelling once our school year officially starts, but figured this was a perfect opportunity for him to try it out.

I told him to say his words out loud and to write the sounds he hears, then I walked out of the room so he wouldn’t be tempted to keep asking me questions. When I came back in, he showed me this:

Can you tell what it says?

He used a combination of invented spelling and pictures on each page. I was really impressed with him! This was the first story he ever wrote!

I had him read the story to me, and I took a few notes so I won’t forget what it says.

Drama, suspense, a little bit of violence, an engaging main character… It’s perfect.


One Response to “Invented Spelling”

  1. thehomeschoolmomblog August 18, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    Phonetic Spelling is wonderful for creative writing. I don’t correct my children’s grammar or spelling when they write freely, but allow them to use phonetics. I do check them when it is for a lesson though.

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