Watching the Clouds

21 Aug


We were driving down the road the other day when Anabel shouted out, “A tiger! A tiger that looks like a monkey!”

Ollie said, “Yeah, I see it!”

There were no billboards around, so we asked where this “tiger that looks like a monkey” was.

Anabel pointed to the sky and Ollie told us it was just a cloud.

Just then, Anabel pointed ahead of us and said, “There’s a mad hippopotamus that looks like its mad at some kind of animal.”


I can’t believe Thad and I didn’t spot that one first.

Ollie joined in and quickly found a spit bubble and a dinosaur in the clouds.

The dinosaur was a little closer to what I see in the clouds. The spit bubble…not so much.

Thad and I were still stifling our laughter over what Anabel was spotting, and he said, “Its fun to name the clouds.”

Ollie excitedly said, “Yeah! That one’s Susan!”

That was too much to handle, and we both lost it.

So… do you ever see anything crazy in the clouds? Any tigers that look like monkeys?


One Response to “Watching the Clouds”

  1. Mariah August 21, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    This sounds exactly like my girls on our long road trips. I love what they come up with.

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