Hudson : Three Months Old

30 Aug

Hudson is three months old today.
He rolls over from back to front (just started two days ago and does it all the time).
He hold his head up well and enjoys tummy time, especially if his brother or sister are nearby.
Eating is his favorite.
Hudson has slept through the night three times, all in the past week.
He typically sleeps from 10:00-7:00 and gets up at 4:00 to eat.
Hudson smiles and talks and is generally happy…as long as I’m holding him.
He takes the world’s shortest naps.
He does NOT like it when I eat spinach.
His hair grows extremely fast.
He drools and chews and I’m pretty sure he’s teething.
He usually cooperates for pictures…but not today.

So…here’s one from yesterday.


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