Brownie-in-a-Mug {my review}

27 Nov

Have you seen those brownie-in-a-mug recipes circling Pinterest?

I never give them much thought because (1) I assume they’re disgusting, and (2) I prefer a giant pan of brownies to a measly little cup.

That changed tonight. I wanted something ooey and gooey and chocolaty. I considered making a pan of brownies, but Thad is out of town so I’d have to eat the whole pan by myself. I also didn’t want to wait 45 minutes while they baked.

I turned to trusty ol’ Pinterest. Thad is scared of recipes I find on Pinterest. I know my brownie search would have horrified him.

I searched for “brownie in a mug” and picked the one that looked easiest.

This recipe was especially awesome because it only had five ingredients and I could use a tablespoon as my only measuring device.

That means my only dirty dishes were a mug (I actually used a bowl), a tablespoon, and a fork for mixing and eating.

I mixed the dry ingredients with the water and oil.


Then I microwaved it for a minute. (Which is a whole lot less time than 45 minutes, FYI.)


It came out cooked unevenly. Whether that’s because of the recipe or my microwave, I’m not sure.


The cooked parts of the brownie were decent. Not super good, but way better than no brownie. The parts that didn’t cook as well were really delicious, like warm brownie batter (go figure!) without the salmonella.

Would I serve this when company was over? No.

Would I recommend it to Thad? No.

Will I make it again? Yes.

The whole thing took maybe five minutes from start to finish, and made more than enough for me to eat. I DID eat the whole thing, just for research purposes, and it made me crazy full.

Here’s the recipe.


2 Responses to “Brownie-in-a-Mug {my review}”

  1. Steph_Gamble November 27, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    Good to know! Never been brave enough to try it before. Definitely a husband-out-of-town adventure! šŸ™‚ I did try the 2 cupcake recipe, which i wouldn’t really recommend.

  2. Angie Schrope November 27, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    You are too funny, Megan! All the lines about Thad cracked me up! I needed a good laugh!

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