Making Grape Juice

23 Apr


It started with Ollie running into the kitchen, a grape clutched in his hand, saying, “I’ve gotta get a bowl! I need to do an experiment!”

He wanted to see if he could make grape juice by squeezing a grape.

He squeezed and squished and squeezed some more, and ended up with… a smashed grape, and not a drop of juice.

I suggested using the blender, and he took over from there.





I had low expectations, but the juice was amazing.

We used about 1/3 of a bag (I don’t know how big the bag was) and had maybe a cup of juice when we were done.

After the grape juice experiment, Anabel wanted to make strawberry juice.

This was not successful. The ‘juice’ was thick and sour. We mixed it with grape juice and it was gross. I mixed some with sparkling water, lemon, and grape juice and it was still gross.

Next time we’ll just eat the strawberries.

*Side note: My counters are all kinds of cluttered. Ignore them.*


One Response to “Making Grape Juice”

  1. daddystractor April 25, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    This. is. awesome. Love it when their minds just get to working!! What a great experiment!

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