Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

19 Sep

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We’re big pirate fans around here, and try to find a way to celebrate this obscure holiday every year.

A couple years ago we were at the beach, so I gave the kids a treasure map (that we just happened to have with us), drew a line in the sand for them to follow, and buried a fruit snack “treasure” at the end.

We try to go to Krispy Kreme every year, because they celebrate by giving out free donuts. They’ll give you a donut for talking like a pirate (a simple “Aargh!” is enough), or they’ll give you a DOZEN donuts if you dress like a pirate!

We like donuts…especially warm fresh squishy glazed donuts…so we do our best to dress piratey.

Pardon the horrible picture quality and dirty mirror. I was quickly snapping a picture to send to another pirate-loving friend. She immediately sent me a picture of herself decked out like a pirate. I love having a friend with a kindred pirate spirit.

Ollie had been planning his outfit for days.

He woke up and put on his costume and drew a treasure map…which ended at a donut!

Our local Krispy Kreme was so festive. There were kids and grown-ups smiling, “Aargh”ing, and sword fighting all over the store.

We each got a free donut, plus they gave us two dozen donuts which we took to Thad over at the barber shop.

I think we’ll end our day with a treasure hunt to practice reading, and maybe we’ll look at the map to see where old-time pirates sailed.

Do you have any piratey plans for the day? I hope you get a chance to stop by Krispy Kreme for a free treat!


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