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Confession: Into the Trash

27 Sep

Confession: I accidentally break my kids’ toys and don’t tell them about it.


See Cinderella and her beautiful rubber dress? We have lots of tiny princesses and even more tiny dresses.

Sometimes I try to tug those dresses over the princesses’ not so tiny hips and the dresses just rip in half.

Apparently I don’t know my own strength.

When faced with a ripped dress there are three choices.

1. Tell Anabel.
{result: tears and heartbreak}

2. Quietly toss the dress in the trash.
{result: nothing}

3. Grab some scissors and make a clean cut just above the skirt. Tell Anabel her princess has new clothes.
{result: happiness}

I usually just throw it away.

Do you ever break your kids’ toys? What do you do about it?

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