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My Corner of the World

1 Jun

A few months ago I showed you my disaster of a craft area, and decided to take it back and actually start getting crafty again.
and I’m just a teensy bit excited about it.
Check it out.

Yeah. It’s clean. And cute. And functional.
I have a tough time organizing my stuff, because I’m a Jack-of-all-crafts and have tons of random supplies.

I like this system I’ve got going on.

Another thing I like is this teeny space under the shelves – which is a perfect drying spot for paintings and such.

My paintbrushes have a home. Right next to the knitting needles. They’re BFF’s.

I’ve got a big ol’ tub for yarn I’m currently using (the rest is tucked away in a closet), a small display for hair clips, and a jar for clips-in-progress.

My fabric scraps are semi-organized. It’s much better than having them shoved in a bag. These are mostly old T-shirts that are being converted to hair clips and necklaces.

I love this. Love, love, LOVE.
I love to use it. I love to look at it. I love that it’s always changing. It’s only a couple weeks old, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like a few months from now.

I’ve got my idea notebook, some repurposed jars that I adore, and Mod Podge, which I adore even more.

I bought a beat up frame off the clearance aisle, painted it, sanded it, and used my staple gun to add some twine. I intended to display photos in it, but it turned into something else.

And there you have it. My own little corner of the house. For all my crafting needs.

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